29 Juni 2008, Vooks op KOPN Radio Columbia, Missouri

Zondag 29 juni 2008 is Vooks te horen op KOPN Radio in Columbia, Missouri. Radiopresentator Steve Jerret draait twee nummers van de Vooks-cd ‘When the Fish They Fly…’ in zijn programma Sunday Morning Coffee House. Steve Jerret stelt elke zondag van 9.00 tot 12.00 in dit programma zijn Acoustic Mix samen. 



Playlist Sunday Morning Coffee House


            Artist, Song, Recording


1          Vooks, The Bloody Gardener, When The Fish They Fly...

2          Crooked Still, Undone in Sorrow, Still Crooked

3          Hungrytown, One Morning in May, Hungrytown

4          Crooked Still, Captain, Captain, Still Crooked

5          Hungrytown, Lucille, Lucille, Hungrytown

6          Vooks, The Keen Stars, When The Fish They Fly...

7          Robert Bowlin, Maybelle, Six String Soliloquy

8          Dana & Susan Robinson, 'Round My Door, 'Round My Door

9          Red Molly, This Farm Needs a Man, Love And Other Tragedies

10        Mick Byrd & Bonus Track, Hangin' With The Home Folks, Outer Road

11        Red Molly, Wayfaring Stranger, Love And Other Tragedies

12        Meg Hutchinson, Home, Come Up Full

13        Sundad, The Veil, Journey to Eternity

14        Blue Moon Rising, Five More Days Of Rain, One Lonely Shadow

15        Erica Wheeler, Muddy Water, Good Summer Rain

16        We're About 9, Money For Floods, Engine

17        Big Medicine, When The Rains Come Down, The Wandering Fool: Songs By Bob Dyer

18        Brian Rolland,   Doliber’s Cove, The Tide's In

19        Bob Childers, Intro: Riding The Rails, Ribbon Of Highway/Endless Skyway: Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour

20        Cast, This Train Is Bound For Glory, Ribbon Of Highway/Endless Skyway: Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour

21        Bob Childers, Narration: Indian Free Lands, Ribbon Of Highway/Endless Skyway: Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour

22        Jimmy LaFave, Down In Oklahoma Hills, Ribbon Of Highway/Endless Skyway: Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour

23        Bob Childers, Narration: Okema, Ribbon Of Highway/Endless Skyway: Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour

24        Joel Rafael, Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key, Ribbon Of Highway/Endless Skyway: Woody Guthrie Trib. Tour

25        Lee Murdock, The Water Is Wide/Banks of Loch Lomand, Wordless

26        Rodd Ambroson, Janis Carper, Carolyn Lochert & Heidi Muller, In Wallowa, Songs From The End Of The Road

27        Rodd Ambroson, Janis Carper, Carolyn Lochert & Heidi Muller, Katy Sue, Songs From The End Of The Road

28        Abi Tapia, Another State Line, The Beauty In The Ruin

29        Geoff Muldaur, Just A Little While To Stay Here, Secret Handshake

30        Andy McKee, The Gates of Gnomeria, The Gates Of Gnomeria

31        Mama Said, Columbus Stockade Blues, Take Root

32        Pat Wictor, Mr. Blues, Sunset Waltz

33        Brooks Williams, Vagabond Blues, The Time I Spend With You

34        Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Killing The Blues, Raising Sand

35        William Ackerman, The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter, Meditations

36        Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fireside Chat, Part 1, Moneyland

37        Bernard 'Slim' Smith, Breadline Blues 1932, Moneyland

38        Del McCoury Band, Moneyland, Moneyland

39        Marty Stuart & Merle Haggard, Farmer’s Blues, Moneyland

40        Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, The Farmer Is the Man, Gambling Eden

41        Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands, Who Will Watch the Home Place?, Live

42        Lawrence Blatt, I'm Leaving Now, Fibonacci's Dream

43        Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein, The Last Thing On My Mind, 2:10 Train

44        Leela & Ellie Grace, Morning Grace, Where The Waters Run

45        Jack Williams, Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time, Don't Let Go!

46        Kym Tuvim, Birdsong, Nothing Sweet Nothing

47        Abbie Gardner & Anthony da Costa, Better Days, Bad Nights / Better Days

48        David Hyams with The Miles To Go Band, Knowing the Place, Knowing The Place

49        The Waybacks, Beyond The Northwest Passage, Loaded

50        Kim Beggs, Banks of the Yukon, Wanderer's Paean

51        All She Wrote, Once The Ice Caps Melt, Double Feature

52        Eliza Gilkyson, Beautiful World, Beautiful World

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